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Add your own fingerings to the WFG

The Woodwind Fingering Guide welcomes additions to its fingering charts. Several hundred fingerings in the site have come from emails from musicians all over the world.

To submit fingerings to this site, follow these two steps:

  1. Browse through the fingering charts on this site and be sure that your fingering is not already there. Note that alternate fingering charts have many fingerings that are missing from the basic fingering charts.
  2. Send a short email to containing:
    • Your name (I'll give you credit for your submission),
    • Your email address (so that I may send you a thank you or ask a question about your fingerings),
    • The specific instrument(s) for which the fingerings are intended,
    • *The note(s) and octave(s) the fingerings play (use the octave numbering convention used on this site: written middle C is C4),
    • The fingering(s),
    • A concise description of each fingering (including any of the following: intonation, responsiveness, awkwardness, suitable dynamics, etc.),
    • The source of the fingerings. (I will not post copies of published fingering charts.)

You do not need to be concerned with subscripting, superscripting, or special characters in expressing fingerings, as long as the fingerings are clearly represented. 

For quarter tones, consider using these symbols: + for quarter-tone sharp, #+ for three-quarter-tone sharp, d for quarter-tone flat, and db for three-quarter-tone flat.

*When submitting multiphonics fingerings, please list all notes that the fingering can play, even very low and high notes, and specify the notes to within the nearest quarter tone. A good tuner makes this task fairly easy. Be sure to give the written notes rather than the sounding notes for transposing instruments.



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