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Fingering Scheme for Shakuhachi Flute

The fingering scheme below describes the text and key images used to represent fingerings in the fingering charts.



The five-hole model of shakuhachi flutes has five holes: a left thumb hole on the underside of the instrument, two left hand holes on the top side of the instrument, and two right hand holes on the top side of the instrument (closer to the bell of the instrument than the left hand holes).  A pipe (|) seperates left hand holes from right hand holes, using the general format [thumb] [lefthand](pipe |)[right hand].


Fingerings beginning with T require the thumb hole to be covered.  The absence of a T indicated that the thumb hole is to be left open.  

Left Hand and Right Hand Holes

The numbers 1 (index finger) and 2 (ring finger) indicate that the corresponding hole be covered.  A dash (-) indicates that a hole should not be covered.  

Venting Holes

Fractions and indicate that a hole is to be partially and mostly covered (or in other words, mostly vented and slightly vented), respectively. 




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