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While you'll probably like to jump straight to the extensive Fingering Charts section, you can also ask and answer questions in the Forum or share your own fingerings to be added to this site, and check out Past and Future Additions to the site. The Guide even has oboe fingerings software. If you cannot find what you are seeking, try the site map or links pages.

Fingering Charts in this site

Basic Fingerings
Alternate Fingerings
Quarter Tone Fingerings
Trill Fingerings
Tremolo Fingerings
Flattement Fingerings
Multiphonic Fingerings

for many sizes and models of band and orchestral woodwind instruments

Flute and Piccolo
Oboe and English Horn

and for several other woodwind instruments

Tin Whistle and Fife

Charanga Flute
Irish Uilleann Pipes
Shakuhachi Flute


Future Projects

Here are some ideas being considered for future and improved fingering charts in this site. If you would be interested in helping by providing original fingerings or fingering descriptions for any of these projects, please contact Mark Charette.

  1. Separating saxophone altissimo fingerings by model size (soprano vs. alto vs. tenor, etc.).
  2. Providing descriptions of fingerings that are listed without a description.
  3. Providing quarter-tone and multiphonic fingerings for each woodwind instrument.
  4. Providing piccolo, clarinet, and recorder thirds tremolo fingerings.
  5. Including ocarina and fife fingerings.

Latest Updates:

June 22,2008

  • Tim seems to have gotten lost somewhere. I'm going to take over in his absence - hopefully we'll see him again soon.
    Mark Charette


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