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Flattement (Microtone Trill) Fingering Chart for Recorder

Third Octave: C5 to D5 / F5 to G5

This fingering chart includes flattement fingerings, which are fingerings designed for finger vibrato, much like a trill or tremolo but with microtone intervals (less than a semitone) instead of larger intervals. Holes to be trilled are indicated in red. When more than one hole is to be trilled, the holes should be simultaneously covered and simultaneously uncovered, unless the description says to alternate covering and uncovering the keys. The fingerings apply to all sizes (sopranino, soprano, treble/alto, tenor, bass, and great bass) of both English and German recorders unless specified otherwise. Note that the fingerings apply to the lower set of notes for C instruments (soprano, tenor, and great bass) and to the upper set of notes for F instruments (sopranino, treble/alto, and bass).


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Note (C/F)




C6 / F6

C3/F3 t 1--|456-  

C#6 / F#6

C#3/F#3   Submit a fingering for this trill.

D6 / G6

D3/G3 t 1-3|4-67  
Eb6 / Ab6 Eb6/Ab6     Submit a fingering for this trill or for a higher trill.


Special thanks to Nicholas Lander (NL) for offering many of the recorder fingerings found in this site.  All fingerings on this page are from his article, Vibrato and Tremolo on the Recorder, which can be found in his Recorder Home Page.


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